Monday, October 3, 2011

As the holidays near

this Mamma has tougher times with her head. This weather, MISERABLE without the sun, is one that causes me to feel down, and anxious. As the Thanksgiving and Christmas approaches, I want to shut down. Every year I deal with this, and every year I pray, pray, pray that the Lord just gets me through so my family and I can enjoy a sweet time celebrating His gifts.

One thing that helps me is to not put pressure on myself to decorate. I wish I was like my sister in law and could do that, but I just can't. It's impossible. The only thing I did was put an autumn spin on my handmade front door wreath and place pumpkins on a couple shelves and the top of the piano in our living room. So this way, I'm not depriving my children of a childhood where the house wasn't decorated, and I don't have to put much thought into it.

Trying to decorate is trying to put a tuxedo on a pig.

Or eat steak with a straw.

Drinking tea with chopsticks.

or leading a donkey up Mount Everest.

TOUGH. Difficult. impossible.

But, that's okay. I just know that it's me and so I cannot approach it much.

Also, another thing that helps is getting some shopping done early. This year, as the two oldest children found out the Santa truth, is going to be easier. I have Ella done with- all horse stuff, go figure. Philip wants three or 4 things (a magicians black hat, a dual lightsaber, and a telescope, and of course, I like to surprise him. WD would be happy with play dough and trains. But I'd love to get him a nice sleeping bag too. A nice one costs a pretty penny though, so we'll see.

I ordered my (December) birthday gift already...teehee...I finally found a DRESSFORM, on the daily deal site Zulilly. Actually, I have TWO coming- one is a standing, wire one. The other is a vintage cloth tabletop one, both sold out after I purchased them. I would love, still, to find an AUTHENTIC vintage one at a thrift store or flea market...someday I hope.

I told Rich the tabletop one is going on our kitchen table.

Just kidding.

But, to give him credit, he didn't seem to upset about the idea. Ha! I think he loves me!

And as far as seeing the holidays embraced in the hearts of my children, I will pray that God touches their hearts in ways that they have never been touched.

That their mother and father have the wisdom in what to share and teach to them.

That they show compassion to others, forgiveness, and show grace especially at this time.

That our family can really listen to each other and love and support one another in all things.

I grew up in a strong, loving, supportive family. I know it begins with God, and then Rich and I must follow.

The pursuit of His love is astounding, and thrilling. I want to see that in my children's lives, at all times. As this time is a difficult time in their behaviors at times, but....I know that God is working in their minds and hearts nonetheless.

My grandparents prayed for me, this I know. As did my parents. I feel that God blessed my life with so much, and this is what I want for my children...for prayer warriors behind pray for now and the future.


Anonymous said...

What a stirring set of words that form the shapes of ideas in life! I really appreciate the tux on a pig...never tried it though! Simplicity can be just what the doctor ordered...a flavoring of the seasons is just fine. I love your development of this blob from beginning to end...precious words from a precious family.

Anonymous said...

i'm on board to keep praying for the family...for the now stuff and the future which He holds in His hands

love mom