Monday, October 3, 2011

did you know....

Isaac Newton created his own little wooden mill that was not only using wind for power to the sails, but built a little treadmill for a REAL mouse to run on. As he would tug on the string tied to it's tail, there was his "mouse power."

Newton made a little vehicle, with four wheels, with a crank that would make it run. He would actually sit on it and ride it.

At a fair, Newton purchased a child's toy, a glass prism. When home, that is when he began to experiment and discover light and color.

Interestingly, the year of 1666, with the horrendous plague, was called the annus mirabilis, or the wondrous year, for Isaac Newton. It was rich, rich with wisdom, discover, and much progress in his life's work. And he had been only the young age of 24.

We are reading this for a science biography, and what an eccentric, colorful human being Newton was. The kids are in for a wild ride for this one...we're only in the first few chapters....The Giants of Science series, Isaac Newton, by Kathleen Krull.

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