Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Homeschooling comraderie

If I didn't have friends who homeschool.

If I DIDN'T have friends who homeschool....

Well, if I didn't let's say that I would find it extremely difficult to feel satisfied and confident in what I'm doing.

Because I have a friend...or two...or three....that homeschool, we can benefit from each other's enthusiasm, ideas, and even from our mistakes and downfalls.

I'm SO willing to offer up my follies so others can benefit.

I'm ready to give advice or just listen.

And I've got friends who do that for me as well.

I don't want to be kept in a "homeschooling bubble," either. I like so many DIFFERENT things. I pull resources from the Internet, other teachers, various curriculums....I like so much, and also, I dislike so much.

Some of my dislikes...extreme Protestant focus on history. Just....NO. I feel that it produces an outlook on things that is just this- extreme. I like to include, of course, our religious thoughts on the discovery and history of our country, but I know that things can be skewed. I want my children to see a whole picture. Yes, from a lens that is filled with God's grace, salvation, and love, but also, to see things that will help them understand others and not show prejudice. We may have absolute truths here in this household that look like phobias, or deep intolerance. I say to that, I love how God loves, or strive for that, however, HE also holds people accountable for their sins. As a believer, I try to listen to His voice, and read His word so that I live the life I should, and try to bestow this to my children. In the process, I believe that certain things must have what people would consider ignorance and cruelty, while I believe what they are doing are
will be judged by God, just as what I've done. But, I will not step aside in my beliefs for our family so sin can prosper.

And now that I truly rabbit trailed...some other things I dislike...

Weird books. Science that is not hands on. Dry history. Math that is not challenging the mind enough. Worthless worksheets.

What I love...

The Bravewriter writing program, including the Writer's Jungle and the monthly language arts lessons called the Arrow (uses literature). Brilliant. Down to earth for the mom.

Teaching Textbooks....just because my daughter enjoys it. And learns.

Singapore Math, which I confess, I hated the first year I ever used it, which was the first year I homeschooled Ella. Who knew that I'd be using it now for Philip. And liking it.

Trail Guide to Learning, Paths of Exploration: all that I hoped for in a history/geography/reading program combined. Also brilliant.

Elemental science. Just the right enough material to cover, activities to do, and skills to master. And good review. Great choice of accompanying books.

The Language Art Binder that I made.....this three inch dynamic collection of print outs is my homeschool work of art. I have it all in there- spelling lists, vocabulary lists and ideas, graphic organizers, lesson plans, and more....

Our Atlas book. Amazing what this book gives as far as information!

I have more for both lists but for later...


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...and ok...GMTA..great minds think alike...I echo your thoughts on balance. As I like to say, "The Truth will always surface, like it or not." We have some much to learn and think on that being myopic does not help. thots...