Saturday, October 1, 2011

looking at him just helps so much

I could tell you about my day. How I can't find some important files...because somehow I did the most Amy thing I could do and Lost them and placed them somewhere where I wouldn't remember.

Photographs from the last couple years. Homeschooling things I've saved, and stuff we've done. Files I need because I transferred purchased homeschooling curriculum on the disks.

Quite frankly, I'm a bit desperate. It has struck me in my heart. Just one more disaster.

Thankful for my Dad who said he'd pray for me for the morning music, leading worship. I suppose I just need to put this misplaced treasure aside for the night and tomorrow morning.

I always think of the Lost Coin parable Jesus spoke about. It reminds me that even the "littlest" things matter. They matter because they matter to YOU.

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Anonymous said...

It is awesome that the lost coin parable came to your mind for that is exactly what the grandmother of wd said when she read the txt...keep on praying and trusting...and probably searching...always remembering that in the Kingdom of God He came searching for us.