Friday, October 7, 2011

this is a girl who....

would rather stay home and read instead of shopping

prefers shopping at thrift stores, antique shoppes, and flea markets

has developed a love of folk and bluegrass music over the past 10 years

has a lot to be desired as far as organization goes

sight reads piano music very well

reads a book incredibly fast

but then can't remember the title

this is a girl who

can cry looking at her littlest boy standing up on the couch saying this is me, I'm so big!

forgets easily to give her kids hugs throughout the day's business

sometimes says to heck with it and lets the kids play outside all day instead of schoolwork

hates to cook

hates baking even more

would love to cook if she had a brain and wasn't tired at four o'clock

but still would hate baking if she had a brain and wasn't tired at four o'clock

used to stay up not too late, then gradually stayed up later the past two years, and now, seems to be going off to bed about 10 due to medication change

hates not wearing her shoes in other peoples' houses. gross. out.

has at least three cups of chai tea each day even in the summer

hung a fall wreath in the kitchen and got rid of a little, LITTLE bit of clutter, for once

played Fashion Story, Restaurant Story, and Bakery Story a lot today.

plays these games with her kids because it's fun and cute and great bonding time

is not on Facebook to be social, but to leave pics up, and let my name be in place for Rich for some activity at church

would rather be social with people the old fashioned way.

like, through blogs and email.

because it's too much information getting into my head on facebook, in and out. what is a person to do with it all? really?

would rather be emotional and sensitive than unmoved and without compassion

is emotional and sensitive

to a fault? i believe I am who I am because He who began a good work in me will carry it out to completion.

is loved, cared for, thought her family.

seeks wisdom from her Lord.

has not watched any tv shows this fall season. life is too busy with my family. what a wonderful feeling.

loves to homeschool

hates bad homeschooling days

this is a girl who

currently has an eye twitching problem probably because of stress? annoying.

is a little apprehensive about the music playing she needs to do this Sunday....first one through for music only in the morning...yikes...

wishes for her babies to be her babies again

will never EVER get over wanting another girl and who feels there IS one angel in heaven waiting, as this would be what was seen in our first ultrasound with Ella...a disappearing spot beside growing, little Ella.

wants to be understood and not judged for who she is, what she does, what people think she should be.

loves Psalm 46:10 and Psalm 37

has a close, close relationship with her daddy

treasures her bedtime routine with WD

is thankful.

feels blessed.

wants to give more to others.

desires joy and joy unspeakable in her life and her childrens....


dtree79 said...

it's good to know who you this!

Sam said...

I like this person.

Anonymous said...

I believe you know about yourself than most people do about themselves...this writing is model for each of us to reflect on who we are through God's goodness and grace. Your writing has truely blessed me tonight. LTTS