Saturday, November 19, 2011

And as the month is more than halfway over...

and we near Thanksgiving....

Are you dwelling upon the gifts you've been given?






Or dwelling on what you do not have?

More excitement in your life.

Better clothing.

Bigger house.

More things.

I find it hard at times to stop myself from discontent, but when November rolls along, I think we all get that gentle reminder to gain the proper perspective on the "things" in life. The "things" don't give us the satisfaction that can sustain our hearts, minds, and souls. No, only the Lord can do that.

I think upon a woman at church who spends time each morning, along with reading the Word and praying, PRAISING God. For His mercies, grace, holiness....everything. I think of how the example she gave me that day when she described her morning routine, not with boastfulness but in humility. How could our own hearts be changed as we do that? Simple praises to the One who deserves the highest praise. The simple praises we give him are truly what He desires. In our lives in this 21 century, it's more likely for us to spend hours upon hours being socially connected, working, eating, sleeping...then to kneel down or raise our hands with praise.

That woman gave me something to think about. She hadn't realized it, but she grew a tiny seed in my heart. I want to do what she does each morning. And guess what...I haven't yet. I haven't turned that willingness into obedience. It's hard. My excuses are many, but then again...I do ponder the Lord in my daily duties, as a homeschooling mom and wife. I give way to thoughts of praise in other ways, sometimes not as tangent or on a schedule, but I do. My heart loves Him fully!

A humble praise...will I give Him what is due Him today? Will you?

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