Saturday, November 19, 2011


That's my word for the season. I want our family to "dwell in the Savior." To ponder the birth and life, death and resurrection, of Jesus.

Several things must take place in order for us to do this.

First, school must be shortened.

After Monday and Tuesday of this coming week, we will no longer have the regular scheduled school days like we've had since late August. We will continue with math, reading, and some writing for a couple of weeks in December.

However, we will not push anything else. I want to read to them, and work on projects. Watch holiday movies. Have fun. Enjoy one another. Think upon the Lord.

Time is essential! This year, the kids will actually BAKE cookies, make ornaments, and other fun things. Also, work on a service project, which we really haven't decided on yet. That could be one of our goals this week, in making a decision for the project.

We have two days left to complete the third unit (Pilgrims) in our curriculum called Paths of Exploration. I shortened it quite a bit- from six weeks to three, but it worked out for us. Friday we worked on a couple of projects. Philip made a floor length Native American headdress. We worked together, creating the feathers, etc. He had a blast. Ella created a little play set- a tepee and fire. And I made a canoe like boat the Wapanoags dugout using fire, clay, and water. We had watched several videos concerning the Pilgrims and Indians they met- the kids were fascinated. I was quite proud of Friday, even though we took well into the afternoon to finish school!

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Anonymous said...

Ahhhh...I cannot wait to see the projects...yay! I did a sermon recently on "Remaining, dwelling" as a spin-off from "occupy." We will have to talk...Sounds like a prudent way to go these next days.