Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Eve

we had a relaxing day.

read books to each other.

buddy and i learned several "knots" from an old boy scout handbook (that has my dad's name on it..hehe..)

wrote 2,000+ words

cooked chicken in the crockpot

choir practice

kids played outside for a little bit

listened to music, Christmas and Celtic

played with trains and train tracks

read some more

and drank lots of hot chai tea

we're ready for a quick morning here tomorrow. a few things in the kitchen, including making these cookies that look like acorns. get the corn ready. pop my sweet potato surprises in the oven. watch a bit of the parade. and go to my parents house for the grand meal. the little crafts we worked on this week are all ready and in the car. the kids say this will be the best Thanksgiving ever.

it will be because we are all here. i thank the Lord for this.

every. day.

have a wonderful, thankful, Thanksgiving!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It was the best THanksgiving ever!
The food was so good and we had SO MUCH fun and the emphasis really was on THANKSGIVING...thanks for all the excellent and creative items you brought with the kids help...Impressive...the favors, the TiPi, headdress, canoe, snacks in the Mayflower!...Great..