Sunday, December 4, 2011

a clasp of hands

can reveal much more sometimes than an image of a face

i look at this, my brother tenderly holding my grandmother's weathered fingers

and i think of the beauty within his grasp
these are the hands that made the best apple pies around
that mended shirts and dresses
sewed an Easter dress for her granddaughter
worked in the garden

held their own babies
and then grandkids
and now great grandchildren

served the Lord
doing, seeking, helping, worshiping

touched my grandfather's face for the last time
held pain within them
comforted others in their own suffering

this grasp of hands shows
the legacy
my Grandmother has made
a long lasting one
it is not just a treasure to us on earth
a piece of the Lord himself that He is sharing with us
for His glory only

that special touch from her, as special as it is,
does not compare to the touch from our Lord
the sacrificing, redeeming love He has
given us

if we just GRASP it
and let the truth of it warm our souls

i love this photo of my brother and my grandma
it speaks so much, yet says nothing
it shows the love in their hearts
yet pictures only their hands and arms

how truly lovely and wonderful
are the ways
the Lord.


Anonymous said...

The picture yes....but the picture is magnified with the words you put with it...Marvelous...Meaningful...Memories.

Anonymous said...

thank you for the pic and the thoughts. beautiful.