Monday, December 19, 2011

Isn't this a memory for the ages....

my dear, sweet grandmother

watching old Mickey Mouse shows with two of her great-grandchildren

look at wd's twinkle toes..curled and overlapping
i love seeing him do that

ella has her riding boots and vintage looking cream ruffled vest
which i love

can't forget the rice krispie treat the little boy's eating

and my grandmother
holding WD close
her chin tucked in close to his curly hair

she so enjoyed herself
watching those with them...
on the ipad
who knew she'd be comfortable watching a show on that thing!

i can just imagine her thinking how special
this moment was

this was taken with my trusty little camera not
an award winning photo except for the moment it captured

we were all toasty warm that day, back in November
my parents' fireplace was lit
their two cats playful, resting, silent...
we had come over for the weekly math tutoring session
for Ella and Philip with my dad
and he surprised us with Gram being there

my heart longs for more and more days like this
but at least this one can be etched in our minds

i thank God for the amazing heritage my family has!

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