Thursday, December 22, 2011

A review for Bandits Hope

Find yourself in Natchez Trace in 1882 as one young woman fights for her independence and one man fights to leave his demons behind.

Tiller was not handed such an easy life, and he's made plenty of additional errors of his own along the way.

Finding his way to the inn Mariah runs is not one of them. There, he finds more than he bargained for, as he tries to run away from his past.

Mariah is not sure she wants this man around, as he may cause her to forgo her plan to guard a deception- a big deception. She will do anything to maintain ownership of her mother's land, Most importantly, it is Choctaw land, her heritage.

Because of a rash decision, Mariah will have much to ask forgiveness for, and her lies become too much. For Tiller, he has deceptions of his own, but it is the one whom he had so grievously betrayed who shows him God's mercy.

This book moved along very well and kept me intrigued. The story pricked at my heart- I felt compassion towards Tiller, especially as more of his upbringing was revealed. I so wished that Mariah could find herself at peace- her story pulled at my heart as well, a young girl trying to keep a promise in very difficult circumstances. Delightful, intriguing, five stars!

Thank you for Net Galley and Barbour Books for a complimentary ebook in return for a review of my own opinion.

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