Saturday, December 10, 2011

so this is how my birthday began....

a new Christmas cd (Jackie Evancho) and a fruit&walnut salad from McDonald's on Thursday night...Rich said he wanted to start my birthday early. I did not mind at ALL!

the next morning, the "kids"- a.k. Ella and Philip- went with Rich early in the morning for pancakes however...

they brought home a half dozen balloons and a card for me.

inside the card was an Amazon gift card so I can buy BOOKS. HA!


(yes, there's more!)

they made me a SPICE CAKE!

and after a quiet afternoon, we took our children to my parents' house where they spent the late afternoon and evening.

Rich and I went to Aladdin's to eat..

then Barnes and Noble to sit and read.

then Caribou- to write and drink a chai latte.

then the mall....where he picked up a couple little hair things for me to save for Christmas from my favorite store, Icing. And he bought me an Auntie Ann's pretzel.

TRULY a wonderful day. The best birthday ever. My hubby really put a lot of thought into making it a day for me. He even REQUESTED the day off on Friday because IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY!

Also, since I homeschool my children, I gave us ALL the day off.

Then, Today, the day after my birthday,

found a sweet handmade necklace from my sister in law....with my kids initials stamped on metal...LOVELY...

and, later in the afternoon... I was away spending time with my dear friend, Elizabeth, who surprised me with a writer's planner :)

'cuz we write and she supports my habit. I LOVE HER TO PIECES!

and then...I got a gift from my dear friend, Jen, my friend since junior high, and THAT includes some sweet treats and makeup.

The blessings kept rolling in!

The best thing was- spending the day with my family. If I wasn't homeschooling, I wouldn't have enjoyed such time with my children all day on my birthday this year. They couldn't have enjoyed a delightful breakfast with their daddy and shopped for me like that.

I love how God orchestrates things like that for our lives. I hope my kids feel blessed by homeschooling, and even in the future, that there is no resentment for it.

OH, and I got a few dollar bills, pennies, Chuckie Cheese coins, rafia piece, little rocks, scrap paper with I love moommy written on it, rubber bands, a clothespin, and
and acorn from the kids, too...haaaa......I have to embellish a "treasure box." So I can keep these treasures forever. These are the sweetest gifts. They were really from the heart, and I will love the simplistic gift giving my children do.


Diana Albright said...

that sounds like such a perfect, wonderful day! i'm so glad your birthday was a day to remember; you're such a sweetheart and deserve days like this AT LEAST once a year! ;-)

nothing but love & blessings to you, my friend.

Anonymous said...

I wish to be the proverbial mouse in the corner...what a joyous day for you and your joy givers.