Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Thus begins a sweeping saga...

As the eldest Harwood sister, Rose paves the way for her and her sisters' way into the Indian country of America. She was determined for her father to steer clear of prison, and indenturing herself seemed to be the only way to make that a possibility. In doing so, she must travel the vast ocean with her two younger sisters, Lily and Mariah, and all three women endure the fear of their unknown futures.

Rose is bought buy a man who needs a cook, a particular kind of cooking for his stomach trouble. It's interesting to see how this plays in the story, and how the man changes in his sourly ways, to be someone you ALMOST are endeared to.

The only comforting presence for Rose as she is forced to journey into the wilderness with the trader and his guides is Nate, a frontiersman and wanderer by rights. He is besotted with her and finds himself unwilling to force himself away from her sight. He remains close by as much as possible, and they both continue their friendship, and this becomes more as they discover their love for each other.

This first book of a series brings to light a time of history we sometimes forget, as well as its hardships. You will go from Bath, England to the coast of colonial America and then further into the barely known lands of wild America. There are so many unknowns to Rose, especially will she ever hear from or see her sisters again? Will she truly be living in the wilderness for four years, indentured to the rough trader and his hateful wife? Will Nate recognize the Lord for who He is, and enter into a faith as Rose longs him to do?

The writing of Rose's Pledge is superb, springing forth adventure, love, and careful documentations of our nation's history! It is a love story that has it all- adventure, faith, and courage of heart! I was most impressed with the historical details and do look forward to the next two books in this delightful series.

*Thank you to Net Galley for providing the opportunity for me to review this book. Published by Barbour, it is available here.

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