Thursday, December 8, 2011

we think we love

and we do....but sometimes fail at it.


we choose ourselves over the "I love you" as a sister, brother, mother, father, friend

we say it

we may love in actions most of the time

and then those times we don't, well, sometimes they can overpower the times you DO love in actions

so be careful

with your own expectations for other people, and for yourself, but not for God

i was disappointed with the lack of love my children had for each other certain times today, and for me

it pierced my soul

IS THAT HOW GOD FEELS? when we deliberately, and consciously, snub our noses at showing LOVE?

and then HE offers grace, and discipline I believe is there with it

oh, i am good at disciplining, but much grace do i show. enough? maybe the problem is more myself and being willing to change my own reaction to when others fail at showing love

because i am certain they are not the only ones. i do too.

let's be purposeful at giving love, especially to those closest around us- our family, friends....those ones that you may end up taking for granted.

today my children practiced showing love, anonymously, to other children in our town. we purchased toys and clothing for a couple of kids, from the Angel Tree at our church. THAT was a concrete, memorable thing for these three precious children of my own to do.....and I hope it sticks with them as a way to show love, true caring, compassionate love, to others. to serve. sometimes, it comes way easier to show love to those that are, in fact, "needy." then, when it comes to your friend, your parent, your is just too hard at times.

today was a day of many lessons- for school, for home, for serving, for living a life for the Lord. if it HAD NOT been such a day, i think i would have been sorely disappointed. a day where we did not learn much from our mistakes means a day where we did not gain some precious knowledge of sorts to help us on our journey. if we have a day like this tomorrow, a day of apologies, and renewed patience, i will be happy, i will not be dismayed. the Lord knows our tomorrows. BLESS HIS NAME!

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