Monday, January 30, 2012

Blessed Day

(here's an image from the Graphics Fairy, in honor of my horse-loving Ella)

So, today was Monday, a day that normally is...
not a restful day.

God truly blessed my day today, though, with
an abnormal Monday.
It was a restful day, but very productive.
I'm off of facebook for awhile now,
not writing for a few days,
not stressing out about writing for a few days...but I am:
ridding up around the house a bit,
writing a song,
making dinners,
organizing homeschooling...

accomplished today?
more than half our plastics are gone (whew..they were piling up, you know..
those containers and lids!),
song completed and written out for Sunday's trio,
productive homeschool day,
stovetop rid off,
living room dusted.

tomorrow...I will slow down a bit and let my body rest from
all the physical activity today of cleaning.
and maybe brainstorm/research more writing ideas.

my first draft of my first completed manuscript is overwhelming me.
so i need a break from it, at least a few days.
i made a major error in something with it and need to find my focus again.

i have another WIP that needs attention, and
some ideas for books that i'd like to research further...
and research, for me, is super fun!
so that is a relaxing, exciting part of my day!

Thank you, Lord, again, for such a pleasant day..I needed one of these...
it was urgent.
what a gift!

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Anonymous said...

How did you find that horse pic? ha
Interesting to follow your couple of days and think about your WsIP...and 'twas nice to have some slower time...I'm sure