Tuesday, January 31, 2012

a little bit of this, a little bit of that....

that- is my creative and personal life,
summed up

so here i am,
now sitting on a manuscript i need a break from
while researching for two other ideas
and thinking of my WIP i'd like to continue

one of my ideas is "steampunk"
now, i'm not into the genre in its entirety, however....

i love the vintage feel of it
the ability to delve into a victorian realm
think Sherlock Holmes, Jules Vern, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
i'd like the male character to be somewhat
a student of math or science, and practiced in chivalry

on the other hand,
i'd like the heroine to be a bit outlandish
but sweet...
active, but not over anxious
adventurous, but not foolhardy

i'd like to write about
hot air balloons
1940s fashion
camera devices
newsboy caps

and with steampunk you can write about:
flying machines
rayguns (not that i would! lol)
clockwork systems
and a whole lot more

it's an exciting genre, untapped a bit in the Christian market
but i have some ideas ;-)

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Anonymous said...

AWESOME...completely...and a new word for me...ha