Monday, January 9, 2012

what an opportunity SHE has

my Ella and her horse riding
i'm so thankful God has brought this riding ability and desire to her heart!

sister and brother
are enjoying the "horses" together these days

a little bit of riding for Buddy in the stable.

a bit of grooming.

i'm thankful he gets to learn the responsibilities right along with Ella.

and while Ella has horses on her heart,
God has entered her mind as well, more often, to soften it and challenge it.
I am THANKFUL for what delight He has brought her with the magnificent creatures
HE has made!

and all along, this mother prays for safety with each ride, happiness as well.


Sam said...

A beautiful thing to watch, I'm sure.

Heather said...

Hi Amy!~ Nice to meet you, thanks for coming over to my blog for a visit :) I love books too, before I painted I worked as a (small town) journalist but that can be a little daunting, so when I had to opportunity to be home with my daughter, I took it.

Love this pic of your girl and her horse. my daughter loves horses too, although she's never gone riding (she's 4 now) she does love dancing, and has taken up my old passion for ice skating. Its so wonderful to see these people develop their own passions and loves. I love that I can help her pursue her dreams.

Nice to meet you! Looking forward to hearing more about your writing! I love a good book :)

Sweet Peripety said...

Hi there, Heather! Thank you for your comment about the picture. I still can't believe how God has orchestrated her to be able to ride horses. It's her life! As you shared yourself, it is such a wonderful thing as a mom to HELP your daughter pursue their dreams. What an honor! I think ice skating is so exciting! I would think she'd be just the most adorable little ice skater EVER, especially at 4! How sweet!

I had an anthropology major but minored in journalism- ha! It is cool to see how you followed YOUR dream and began to paint. So glad you did because I truly love looking at your work! Will be fun to chat more! ~AMY

Anonymous said...

Great look on a fun time...a teaching time.