Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Writing With Focus

Today, I am not referring to focus "within" your writing.
I'm talking about all those distractions around you.
I have NOT figured out how to accomplish writing
with SILENCE in my home, at least,
not in its entirety.

I have to think on this.....

I can do all things through him who strengthens me.

Philippians 4:13

The homeschooling day....two kids to teach, instruct, schedule.

The three-year-old day...adjusting to his little needs around the kids.

The fibromyalgia day...dealing with pain and fatigue, now beyond what is merely "manageable."

The writers day...amidst all the rest!

I struggle with how to accomplish my creative goals. And, if I don't create, I find that my "happiness" tank remains low. I see the Lord working through my mind via my writing...and I only wish...I only pray....

I cannot do this on my own. The Lord is with me and to accomplish just BEING throughout the day, I need to lean on Him, for all strength, and direction. It is not easy right now. I find myself challenged so much. Even making dinner. Most weeks, I make a "real" dinner only ONCE. ONCE, for crying out loud! However, my husband is so sweet and just understands. Simply put, he's the best for that. We rely on throwing things together right now, or pizza, or KFC, or my mom's chili a few times. I made a GREAT dinner Monday, but haven't made another since, and that was the first REAL dinner in weeks. YIKES! I haven't figured out how to balance everything with all we have to do...especially after adding writing in each day. And having such fibromyalgia flare ups as I do now.

I am thankful for a "little" house, for goodness gracious, could I even keep up with one bigger than this? Probably not! I am thankful for the Nintendo DS, Curious George, and the iPad for it helps me in the afternoon to have a break. And yes, I let my kids play those things a little bit each day!

I wonder, too, if I have the energy to continue to homeschool. It's a daily thought, a daily pursuit, a daily challenge. I will continue for now..and pray all the way!

I thank the Lord for the words that have finally come from my mind to paper. It has taken YEARS for this to happen with writing those imaginative stories! From going to mere thoughts to a words to form an actual written story...what a miracle He has given to me! I am praying He uses whatever I write here on this blog, or in my books, for His glory alone!

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