Friday, February 10, 2012

Time to change things up....

Since I have added "writing" to my almost-daily things to do, my time for housework and homeschooling has been challenged.

Schooling the kids five days a week, EACH week, for 36 weeks is truly wearing me out. I am depleted at the end of the day, especially if I run into any trouble with "listening." I have decided to do an official FOUR DAY week, with the fifth day either OFF or just a general "fine-art" and iPad and games day. Actually, after I mentioned this idea to Rich, he suggested I cut the homeschooing down to THREE days. he crazy? There is no way I could manage that. We'd have to do 7-8 hours, or more, of school each of those three days. Buddy could not handle the focus needed for that, but Ella would manage. Anyways, I will not do that- my brain fizzles out at about 5 hours of school! Four days is enough to do history, geography, reading, science, writing, math, and other skills. The fifth day, for example, could contain the following:

Example A: NOTHING

Example B: Art, Spanish, reading with quiet time

Example C: math iPad apps, reading with quiet time, history games

Example D: any combination of the above!

Today, for this first Friday of my new plan we did Spanish, reading with quiet time, Art, history game (Daniel Boone Bingo), and a math iPad app for facts review. Oh, and Spanish was from a book PLUS a couple very cool iPad apps I have. So, really, we did a lot, but it was a lot less teacher intensive. Art and Spanish seem to get pushed aside more often than not so this way, we make sure we are doing those more frequently AND we ALL get a change of pace.

My heart- and mind- is happy with this change. I wonder if we can keep this new schedule, or if we will have to change again. I hope not! But we will give a whirl a few times to see how manageable it all is. With the kids only being in first and third, I think we will get by with this schedule alteration pretty well. If there are things we did not get to finish, I will add them to this day- such as a writing assignment, vocabulary review, any seatwork. Hopefully, though, our "fifth" day will remain light.

So, today, I find myself able to write and edit. (insert big, huge smile!). Earlier this week, I was able to do a few loads of laundry (poor Rich, he's been doing it all lately!) and make dinners. But Wednesday night I napped from 6 pm til 9 pm. As thankful as I am for those extra hours of napping, I do not want to be so worn out that I have no other option than to nap like that. Also, I had something else the past few weeks that could have been BAD but thankfully I was not called to notice it until my chiropractor saw it...and it was on its way to healing...I praise God for that, for despite my tired days and pain filled days, that did not cause me extra pain. I am praying for my body's healing....I dream of the day I can have energetic and pain free moments! Until then, I will keep pressing on with the Lord's strength!

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm...I like it...and the new plan can be productive for all...
thanks for the insight...
PC L t t S