Thursday, February 2, 2012

a work in progress

but today we actually had GREAT progress!

with school, at least! it seems we get into slumps, but as far as i know, all the other homeschoolers i know deal with the same thing we do at times. when you ponder a homeschooling family, i hope you see that we don't see everyone else as inferior. rather, that we are employing ourselves as sole instructor of our child's education. we do not accompany our children and their education in public school. no. we are choosing a different path. a path at home/field trip/class/etc. thus, we are with our children ALL THE TIME, and while that is our choice, it is not easy. Choices are not easy. Choices, however, are REWARDING.

this week, the choice was a bit more rewarding than others. and less difficult.

we have officially one week and one day left of our Daniel Boone unit in Trail Guide to Learning, but being as we will have a shortened day tomorrow due to appointments, i will have to extend are learning about habitats, and i'd rather take a longer time going over those. AND, both Ella and Philip wish to read another Daniel Boone book, so I need to find/order one. Yay! An excuse to get more books!

today, for an "official" homeschooling report:

reading- Thomas Edison biography, finished the book; BJU Reading 3 pages and worksheet;

spelling- pretest; crossword

math- Teaching Textbooks 3 lesson (we're over half-way done with the cds so i'm hoping we get to TT level 4 before the end of the year)

dictation- Daniel Boone biography selection

grammar- object pronouns worksheets/lesson

Ella & Philip:
nature study- goes along with our Trail Guide to Learning (Paths of Exploration curriculum): ant grid drawing; selected another habitat to write about/learn

science- polymer experiment using WD's little bag of powder and set of experiments with water and colored tablets (created my own seatwork PDF for the kids to use with this); to be continued over the next school days as we have a few more experiments and things to do

math- iPad apps x 2; math Extra Practice pages

spelling- review lesson, new words

grammar- contractions, lesson and seatwork

reading- Pathway Reader selection and accompanying questions/workbook, and extra reading

We did not get to geography/vocab/history but that's okay- we do those almost daily, and since i'm extending our unit, we will get through in time. we have only 2 more units of 6 weeks left of our "core" curriculum! I can't believe it! i am quite excited to say we will use this same curriculum next year. it is called Paths of Settlement. VERY anxious to begin that after a summer of fun-school. here i am, already thinking of next year's curriculum! this time of year (february) it always kicks in- the desire for "new" crazy is that. we have weeks left of school, and i'm planning NEXT year, for goodness sake's!


Gwendolyn Gage said...

Linda Claire is talking about POV perspectives over at I just thought I'd let you know. :-)

Sweet Peripety said...

Thanks for the link, Gwen! I'm so glad for the info!