Friday, March 9, 2012


Our math journey....

In first grade, Ella worked with Singapore Math.

UGH. That had not been a good fit at all for her, or me. I had read up on it, and it had been on the top of so many lists. However, it must have been bad timing for her. Nonetheless, she did average with math on the ITBS test. I was content with that because it was ONLY first grade.

Second grade, I changed it up to Abeka math.

Eh. Fair. I thought it awfully cluttered, to be completely honest, especially when compared to Singapore. I did not like the same old thing, day after day, either. At the end of the year, I knew we HAD to work on math, as it was Ella's weakest subject. I knew she was "average" and had learned, but things had not clicked.

Time to make another change for Grade Three.

SO I Teaching Textbooks 3. Now, some would have said, put her in TT4, as some believe it to be behind grade level. I did not find it to be the case as I compared everything, and thought, if I was mistaken, WHO CARES. I figured we had a good year to make a good change, try it because it was different and more interactive for her.

Guess what?! It has worked! My daughter has LOVED doing math this year. Even when I say, here are some math pages from your Saxon 3 math or our challenge word problems from Singapore, which I decided to filter into our studies. Also, to reinforce things, I employed my father to run through challenge problems with my children once a week, or every other week. I have seen Ella make much progress. I am excited. My heart wants more for her...I want her to excel in math, not just make it, and understand it. But excel. Perhaps that's not the right idea as the homeschooling mom, but...I will continue to pray and push when I feel it right. I know she has so much MORE potential. I see her love for learning every day. And it grows, and grows.

So, as I am already in the thinking mode for next year's curriculum, I have ordered this:

I LOVE it. Ella loved the look of the sample of the DIVE cd. I am encouraged, and she is. She understands how we are wanting to make math a positive, but challenging, experience for her. As we finish up Third Grade, I will also maintain a summer math program for her, involving extra math practice and iPad apps revolving around her weak areas or just to reinforce what she's learned so we don't forget. Our year more than likely will finish up at the end of May. Can you believe that is two and a half months? I hope my ramblings have helped someone. It is not easy to decided on your books! It is sometimes, very much a trial and error process! I think that listening to your child, and being observant to how he/she learns and what they struggle with is key to overall excess in your homeschooling.


Heather said...

that's great! Math was always my weakest subject in school. Ironically, i married an accountant! I'm hoping he can help our little one when she gets into doing more challenging math. I applaud you for working so hard on finding the right fit for your daughter! I think that is so important.

Anonymous said...

and so the journey is important and I am glad things are better and that they are feeling better. It is true for I have observed the journey and applaude both Ella and you. I am looking forward to summer learning and the new fall time as well