Monday, March 26, 2012

how God blesses my garden

if i lacked the faith to even begin the act of trying to understand how God intervenes in the little things, would my faith grow at all?

would my children learn from the best of my ability?

would i trust Him in other things? the seemingly "more meaningful" things?

i think not.

if i ignored how He orchestrates finding WORDS to compliment my own thinking throughout the day, as i struggle and then breathe with a newness the air of understanding, how WOULD my garden grow?

would my children see the fruit? would they even see the seeds being planted? how would they learn to water them? shade them? sun them? give them the proper attention?

if i, myself, remain cold, distant, inattentive to the beauty of HIM around me, how will God bless my garden. can He, despite me? would He, despite me? what if i tried my best, would He even then? DOES He?

i will, then, try my best, despite what happens, and allow my heart and soul to wander to discover what He needs me to discover to share with those other little, searching, learning human beings in my garden.

my children.

they know, for a fact, that at the used bookstore, it was no accident that there were books there, once again, that mommy was looking for. Quite a blessing. For real- a dozen books that she had on her list? Ones that, quite possibly, are not on ANY one modern reader's list?

and one, today, a vintage science book...quite confidently displayed sweet, entertaining and wonderful truth in its narrative about beavers. of all things. beavers. and what are we reading during our reading aloud time? The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe, and more specifically- the chapters concerning the beavers. And then, how about the mini-art lesson and nature study today- on beavers.


The homeschool mother did NOT plan that and also did NOT expect that.

do you see God and his wonderful Hand in that? in this journey of ours, i have seen it so, so much. it has made this journey what it is for my children, and husband, and i. it is a journey towards a fruitfulness and fulfillment through God, in every step of the way, despite our own downfalls, negativity at times, fatigue, and stubbornness. the beauty, truth and virtue DO surpass all these things, because of HIM, and Him alone.

Praising Him tonight, AMY.

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pc said...

What a blessing you have written for us! I was captured by the journey through the garden and loved it! ...some plant, some water, God gives the increase...found somewhere in the Creator's Book...