Tuesday, March 20, 2012

marking this Tuesday as...

the day Ella first worked on long division.

the day that classical music is ruling the evening ears

a night of eggs for dinner

when i did some book sorting

got lots of books in the mail

a night to see a friend

happy to hear the joyful shouts of my children outside through the open windows

the day i felt "off" but am settling into the evening better

being brilliant with sunshine

a hopeful beginning to the rest of the week....


a journal excerpt from my Ella:

I am like a joyful mustang.
Philip is like a full spirited Arabian.
Will David is a faithful quarter horse.
Mommy is a beautiful Friesian.
Daddy is like a Standardbred.

I ESPECIALLY appreciate Philip's description. AND WD's. Makes me giggle! Ella may put this on her blog- yes she has a blog now! If not, you read it here! Ha! If you'd like to peek at her blog- Horse Writing. She'd love a visit!


pc said...

Wow...am I knocked over with that family portrait! That is an awesome piece of thinking and work.
PC....true stuff too

Laura Frantz said...

Love this, Amy, as it reads like a poem. And it gives me a beautiful glimpse into your day - and heart - and family:) JOY!!!

Sweet Peripety said...

Thanks, Laura, for your comment. (I didn't see it because it didn't publish regularly! So Sorry!). You are such a blessing to me to come and comment!! :)