Saturday, March 17, 2012

this time of year-

is the same the past three years. I peruse homeschool curriculum, either to supplement our last couple months before our "official year" ends. Or, to come up with a light, summer school plan. Or, lastly, for the next school year. You'd think one would wait until their year was over...well, no, not me. It takes a huge amount of my mental energy to do all this. My personal writing is untouchable at the moment, and that is okay. I am planning my kids' future, and for me, it is more important to research for THAT than write my book. Soon, I hope, however, I will be able to concentrate once again on my book(s). I've missed my characters, but with spring and warmer weather in the air, it makes it even more difficult to get that writing done.

What I wanted top post about this morning is a certain book I bought LAST year with the intent Ella would go through the book then. Well, that did NOT happen. All is okay, for I've decided both Philip and Ella will do this certain book THIS summer, along with a couple others, for a Bible Study. I seem to be unable to plan in particular Bible Study time during the school year- although they do have personal devotion time. It's a struggle area, a weakness in my brain when I plan our day. I am not a terribly organized person- I admit. I like to fly into the day being ready to change, implement something else. I think on my feet a lot. I HATE totally scheduled days because I cannot mentally handle them, deal them out, implement them. I CANNOT. I gave up scheduling because of ME, not them, and have prayed ever since my kids don't suffer from that certain weakness. Anyways, I'm rabbit trailing...

About the book- It is by Kay Arthur and Janna Arndt. God's Amazing Creation. It is a series of books, and I'd like to focus on the ones that take you through all of Genesis. I do believe there is at least three books, then, to do that. I ordered an extra copy of God's Amazing Creation so each Philip and Ella have one. I've ordered two each of the next two, so I can get an idea to create a "framework" of scheduling. HA. I can't completely do an airtight schedule, but I do like to plan in my head somewhat. Don't get the wrong idea!

Several things I love about these books. And why we will use them.

I have a degree in anthropology. I LOVE archaeology. THIS book contains ALL I LOVE. The first chapter- The Dig Site. Second- The Excavation Begins. And so forth are the title of the study guide. Starting this in a couple months will be perfect to even have a simulation dig of "stuff" outside. And my little tag along, Will David, is at a great age to enjoy the activity as well. Another reason I love these books- they are kid friendly (and adult friendly). Easy to follow, not too difficult to use, but not TOO easy. They will make a child THINK. The size is not a "normal" book size. It's a bit wider, with room to write in your answers aplenty. It's not terribly thick and it's easy to lay flat with a little bit of nudging. Therefore, easy for kids to handle and take with them if we are camping, outside, whatever. We will NOT be sitting at the table filling them out! Ah, I love summer!

We will use these Bible Study books because we are going to listen to the audio for Mystery of History Volume 1, with discusses ancient times AND early/beginning Bible times. Stories of well-known Bible men/women/events will be discussed in MOH, and also mentioned throughout the studies of Genesis in the books. I was so excited when I first received the copy of the study book because I found it to include some academics. I'll give you a few examples. On page 42, there's an explanation about verbs, and then the next couple pages have you looking for the action verbs of God via a code. FUN! Educational! They will be reviewing VERBS for goodness sakes in the Bible Study! On page 26 or so, there is the mention of pronouns, and synonyms. Directions follow to mark on a verse worksheet those certain words! FUN! Educational! In a Bible Study! Another part of the study reviews the 5 W's. Another, DNA. Still another, names of rocks. Not too mention worldviews, naturalists, themes of archaeology, and lots of vocabulary, even Hebrew!

This book is AMAZING, and I feel God leading me to use it this summer. I do not feel badly we didn't use it yet- for some reason, the Lord put me on pause with it. Now, two of my children will glean much over the summer about his Word. It will take the place of any other writing/grammar study we would do. It provides critical thinking, puzzle solving, personal review, cause to use proper grammar, and writing skills. I haven't seen the next two books I've ordered yet, only a little sample online, but I am anticipating much the same- a little educational spirit within them!

One more word before I end my post. I am not sure how much we will get through. I'd LIKE to get through a chapter in a day, three days a week. Starting in late May or late June. The kids will need a little break before the start of summer school.

So excited to begin our adventure with the books' explorers, children Max and Molly, and their archaeologist Uncle Jack! HEHE!

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Well, thanks for sharing and I like the idea a singular focus for some summer weeks...a bit like some colleges do for the month of January....and the content and mechanics of it sounds like fun learning...good for you.