Monday, March 19, 2012

A treat for me 'tis a cup of warmth...

take a pair of these mugs
add froth
or sweet Chai tea

i am loving it all.
and a mug with a dress form?
(and one to spare to give to a secret someone i've chosen later on?- priceless)

oh, i'm there. (you should be too!)

thank you, dayspring, than you, dayspring!

and beside my now antique piano,
to the right, on the wall....

a reminder that i am loved, a reminder to my family,
they are loved
by the One who truly matters...

i have loved having these items in my home, as precious, and personal, tools to remind me...and for me to remind OTHERS, in turn. HE loves us so- may we never forget!

Thank you, Dayspring, for the opportunity to review these lovely products in exchange for some old-fashioned honesty! :)

1 comment:

pc said...

How encouraging!!! I could just feel it. Thanks for insights and sharing.