Friday, April 13, 2012

oh, good goodness

I found something that upset me and that alone shall break my silence-spell on my blog. I certainly had not realized how long it had been since I last blogged! School has kept me busy. Managing the three year old on top of schooling has been challenging.

Well, here is what prompted me to write tonight. I was skimming over the last lessons in Ella's reading workbook. To see what we had left, what I could leave out, etc. I came to the last two lessons in the skill building section. And stopped. Appalled. I haven't had any issues with content up until this time. We are a Christian family, and I would say definitely conservative, but not terribly far right.

The first problem was the story given to a third grader to read. It included a wife distraught over her ever-drunk husband. A man came along, took the unconscious drunken man and created a situation much like hell so that when the drunken husband awoke in his sleep he thought he WAS in hell and thus ran smack into a tree. Then, the man who had come along took the unconscious husband back home and promptly told the wife that her husband will never drink again.

Yes, I have issues with this. First, there is no act of grace shown. Secondly, what in the WORLD. This is a story for a THIRD GRADE READER. I'd rather have Ella read Greek myths than this. For some reason, it just sets me in a rage. It is not how I want my religion, my God portrayed. Yes, I know the Lord will judge, I know there is a time for such judgement...but my word. This is. A. Third. Grade. Reader.

Moving on....

The following page (yes, the FOLLOWING PAGE) is a story about preachers in the past and then....wait for it.....wait for it....

Two graphs for the student to decipher and investigate. About....wait for it.....

How many people got saved in a comparison of two separate meetings.


Oh, I have SO many reasons to write "the publishers" right now. I will not be using them in the future. I am really, truly upset about these things.

It is NOT about numbers.

When Jesus said it is finished, he wiped out those numbers. He waits with open arms. So, we will witness using these tools in school? We will provide a better education than public schools with these "statements of faith" in our school material? Oh. My. Goodness.

This is why I take so much concern over my children's schooling. To think I am usually reassured that I really know what I am teaching.

Whew. Guess not. I know there will be more to come from them, and other like minded, very far right Christian curriculum, so I will not be using them. A little aggressive you might say on my part,'s my choice.

I never much liked the Manifest Destiny either.

One cannot say I am shielding my child. Well, maybe I am. I am a Christian, conservative mother who wishes to only inform my children of the world and its ways under the influence of a Christ-like veil. I will hold their hand and disregard such stuff as I portrayed in my post already and we will take our homeschool journey on our path to being Christ-like in other ways. I do NOT need to use specific Christian curriculum to do that. I DO need to educate them. It's my duty, my honor, their right. I Don't have to do it, thank goodness, to what the state exactly says but that, in turn, makes my job as a homeschool mom so much harder, and challenging.

And rewarding.

I pray every day for the wisdom and patience. I love learning. I think my kids do, too. Lessons are being learned.


pc said...

Thank goodness your are this kind of insightful, intelligent, and Christ-driven mother. You ARE one of those WORKING moms. I am really surprised to hear about that BJU stuff for it does NOT fit into my view of Christ the one who gives the second chance and more.


Diana Albright said...

I've been looking into homeschool options since Ezri was born, and BJU curriculum has always scared/enraged me. I saw one BJU science textbook that actually claimed we do not know what electricity is. hmph! And now I hear about this? I agree with you... I would love to teach my daughter about the grace and love of Christ, without the extremist positions of far right imbued in the lessons (I am quite liberal, as you know). Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings (and for the honest review of the curricula). (((hugs and loves)))