Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Sweet Recollection

Our announcements, back in 2001 and early 2002!
The dress I DREAMT of, body and soul. It cost a mere $3350, however.

Just for fun, I'm pulling some memories out of my wedding, January 5, 2002.  One particular reason for doing this is to recall that dress I had wanted so very badly to wear.   But, that is okay, for I LOVED the dress I wore that special day, nonetheless. It complemented everything else about the wedding. It was romantic, soft, sweet.

This photo above I remember, clearly, dreaming of this dress.   It is still a dream I will hold on wear something close to this look, even for a photograph costume/prop.   Isn't the lace wonderful? The bodice lines? The sleeves?  Simple, but breathtaking.   Classic, but more than just endearing....promising and pure.  

A recently engaged couple in Nashville, TN. Summer 2001

My infamous Bridal Book, in which I prepared lists, samples, things that inspired me along the journey.

Yes, that is an advertisement clipping which said "Rich & Creamy" but is covered to say "Rich & Amy." :)

A closer look to the exquisite nature of that dreamy dress....
This dress is VERY similar to what I ended up with! Layers, rosettes, candlelight color, semi-cathedral length, and strapless
A clipping in my notebook to inspire.  I remember I had loved the bouquet, especially.

A closer look at the dress similar to the one I wore that very special day!

Another clipping in my notebook, to inspire my decision on bridesmaid dresses. Those ended up being black, and had that draping look you see here.   They were not strapless, however, and we accented the dresses with pearl bracelets.


Laura Frantz said...

Dear Amy, This is a priceless post!! I love seeing you and your handsome hero:) And all the momentos and beloved things that made your day and the days leading up to it so very special. SIGH! I think a girl should get married every year - in such dresses as these!! Your happiness is overflowing in those photos - JOY.
You are such a blessing...:) Thanks so much for sharing with us.

Sweet Peripety said...

Thanks, Laura for such sweet thoughts. Your post prompted be to revisit memories! I love your idea about a wedding every year!