Thursday, November 1, 2012

the first day of a thankful month

though...shouldn't we always be so thankful?  that's why sometimes i have issues with holidays. i like holidays, for the most part, but they are too commercialized, too "put me in a bubble" kind of event.   one of the reasons i am not partaking in facebook anymore.   i want a more unplugged life. 

but here's where we are these days:

will's birthday party with my family is Sunday and i still have decor for that to create.

and a cake to bake.

rich and i have a fabulous out of town wedding to go to. honestly, i'm so excited to see all the details of this one..will be really beautiful i think! the bride is a graphic designer and the groom our music director.   my photos of their engagement will be in the guest book and they keep telling me they can't wait for me to see it.

trying to focus on a thankful moment each day- the kids created an art project (watercolor leaves) to cut out and each day they will write something they are thankful for on the leaf and we are pinning those on a small bulletin board for a tree.

we are working on simple handmade gifts for grandparents.

i would love to have a small gift for the kids to open each day in december...not really a gift..maybe a place to go one day, a movie to enjoy another day, some kind of snack we usually pass on another day...

i think one of those gifts will be a membership at the community center down the block and across the they can keep their swimming skills fresh.   won't they be happy about that...they beg me constantly but i'm not a lover of swimming and i'd have to be in the water too...but...well....i think they would enjoy some more activity. and i may sneak in some exercise time too.

i can't wait for will's birthday party, although i'm not fond of his getting older.  ;(  FOUR YEARS OLD.  I just can't imagine.

but he's a happy, bright, little boy...and on Nov. 10 he'll turn another "new leaf."  by turning the dreaded four.  poor mama!!!!

still wondering if i should do the national novel writing month thing this month.  i should decide soon. because it starts

last year i wrote 50,000 in one month. so i know i can do it.  my mind is so bogged down with so many things though.  i am not quite certain it'd be the best thing.  i can't focus on everything!

so there you go...a quick run down..

except one more thing....please pray for our neighbors. they had a fire in their basement several nights ago and the damage is extensive enough...they will need several months away from their home.   i'm thankful someone yelled to my husband as he was out in the wee hours of the morning shocked as he saw the smoke billowing out of the garage doors..he was going to go in to see if the family was in there.  so thankful the family was safe and with the other neighbors.  soo so thankful.   really puts things in perspective.

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