Wednesday, November 28, 2012

these days....

it's all about the kids. and it's TOUGH.

i'm soooo not a supermom.

like yesterday. i so wanted to stay in bed. covers over my head. door locked.

like tomorrow. i so want to do that too.

and forget i have to get breakfast for three people besides myself. 
as well as lunch. 
and dinner.

and then the laundry.

and then the schooling.

and then the this and that. 

and do up the holidays-  ready and fun for them.

break up fights, kiss boo boos, remind them of the Golden Rule.
watch them forget all that i've done and taught.
and rinse and repeat.

I AM. TIRED. times a thousand. and tonight,
as I try to put in a couple hundred words in my little novel i'm creating, i'm sad
that i didn't get to do NANOWRIMO the way i wanted.
but i had three reasons named Ella, Philip, and WD. 

tomorrow i will regret posting such a downer post but somedays, like tonight...
i wish i had myself to worry about.  for at a few hours?   

yes, it's all worth it. of course it is. but it just isn't easy.  
and this year has been TOUGH.
i'm limping along, i tell you!

All I can do..yes, ALL I CAN plead for God to carry me along.   Wipe MY tears.   Remind ME of His promises.  And HE will watch ME forget all that and whine again. But in the end...He will 
love me with grace.

Just like I with my children.
And that, folks, is how it goes.....


Kimmy said...

*Hugs* Amy friend. <3 You're amazing.

Adrienne said...

I *try* to remind myself of the "Someday you'll miss this"... that oftentimes turns into shouting and stomping and such...

I figure the good news is they're stick with us and someday when they're pulling out the last of their hair because their children are, well children, they'll appreciate us and understand why we were crazed sociopaths. :)

It's almost Christmas break...just keeping telling yourself that!!

And, oh my gosh, they're growing so much!! I can't believe how big they get so fast.