Saturday, December 29, 2012

we're putting things in shop again!

My sister-in-law, Lisa, and I began A Spoonful of Charm way back in the fall of 2009.  After a year, we ceased selling, as we were both in the throes of homeschooling and children.

However, we both recently were thinking of selling some of our things (vintage and stash of handmade and decor items) and decided to reopen for a bit!

We have an eclectic array of items. Kinda whatever suits our fancy.  There's SURE to be something there for you or someone else.  :)

Since of today, we only have a few things up.  I hope to have at least a dozen items listed and I'm sure Lisa has more than that! So, in the next few days, listings will be added.

Really, I'm not a salesperson.  That's all the talking I'll do about it!

Here's our Etsy store link:

A Spoonful of Charm


photo interlude of the holidays

 my brood, on Christmas Eve!  It's the only photo I have of the three, really dressed up, for Christmas. 

 Have to sneak this one in here, because I LOVE the color of my niece's dress. And I love all my nieces and nephews, but Eliana's expression is just adorable.


Someone is being snatched away with an oversized candy cane!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas time around here....

It is..........

watching The Nutcracker ballet

reading new Christmas books, such as Snowmen at Christmas

using our new shiny, but Vintage, nutcracker and cracking nuts. Yum!

playing piano and singing in the church Christmas Grinch program

knowing my children were in the audience at program

sending Christmas cards

making gifts

reading The Best Christmas Pageant Ever to my children, a school book, but they think it's quite funny

tasting cookies other people made.  this is one of my FAVORITE parts of Christmas because I just don't bake.  I buy. LOL.

writing an original song, An Old Fashioned Christmas, to sing and play at church on Sunday.  thank you, Lord, for giving me music and words and willing people to accompany me! 

curling up with a preschooler and reading to him, his eyes so alert and aglow, ready to be immersed into a new story

enjoying extra lattes, hot cocoas, and teas.  

setting up Advent activities for the children, of all kinds.  

 tasting the first snow

knowing God has blessed us so much this year, and we praise Him for all He is and always will be.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

treasuring this photo of this past fall...

so, i figured out how to get my instagram pictures on my computer so i can upload them here on my blog or get printed!  i'm so glad i can share some of these photos now...

i know they aren't the best quality, but it's seems so unique and fun to take pic of our everyday life with my phone camera. lol.   so, here is a photo of a very, magical looking mushroom sculpture.

as we were walking along a nearby trail, we came upon it and i was delighted to capture it...on film.

it makes me think of fairies, wood nymphs, and a magical world.   i hope my children keep their imagination...i don't know what i'd do without mine...

even now, as i am, yet again, 28 years old. HAAA! Yes, my birthday is here. I was thinking it was Friday but it's TOMORROW (i guess i am getting old!) but we celebrated anyways yesterday because my sweetie works tomorrow, we have church, and also....i have to take part in our church's Christmas program- sing with choir and play piano accompaniment for a few songs.  So, no time to celebrate. that's okay. i'm not really into my birthday this year..i wish it'd pass by without the aging part. i don't like being beyond thirty. i should start to like it. i'm here for a half-dozen more years now!

my family did indeed bake me a cake, candles and singing and all. and gifted me a bath and body works gel that i LOVE.   annnddd....who knew that i'd win a sweet giveaway by Jessica Jane Handmade? I'm so looking forward to that.  hmmm....maybe i don't want my birthday to pass me by....

i'll just try to enjoy these moments, for they have a habit of passing by so quickly. 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

just for kicks...

it's peculiar, how these horses behave sometimes. 
but they sure love Ella.

always a horse lover, she is. 

Monday, December 3, 2012

Advent beginnings

I bought an old-fashioned burlap sack from an antique store for one dollar last week. In it, I placed envelopes for every day of Advent. Somedays there isn't too much to do.  These first few days have been easy peasey because of the weekend and then trying to start our homeschool week up.

Day 1:  We read the story of Jesus' birth by campfire.

Day 2: An array of paper white snowflakes were created.

and today, Day 3, we plan on singing Jingle Bells to a grandparent.  But, it sure is hard to get them on the phone! HA! 

a few surprises are in store, however....such as a Dunkin Donut trip.  A visiting Great Gram trip.  Perhaps an early gift for the three to share! New books!  Christmas Crafts! Baking Cookies! Choosing a gift from the World Vision or Samaritan's Purse catalog.....

My prayer is that this Christmas, my children can enjoy making a few new traditions, enjoy ones we have, and learn to be thankful for what we have and bless others in different ways. 

And, it would seem that this would be easy for a mom to do. 
It is not.

Especially after the doozy of a week a mom had last week with attitudes.  

It is by God's grace I'm able to present Advent activities to my children. I will do so in hope that it changes their hearts and they whatever way God desires.  :)

Saturday, December 1, 2012

a tidbit, as I contemplate all i wrote this month....

i will share a portion of this historical novel, set in the mid 1800s. pardon any rough edges it has. typos. and the like.  i hit 30k by midnight..  really wish i could've done the 50k, like last year. but... i'm lucky to have done all that i did, there's the accomplishment. i DO thank the Lord for all that He helped me write. and for my family for allowing me the time. ;) 

  One of the traders raised a greeting. Man Who Doesn't Listen's father had come up beside Two Fists and spoke a hello in return. Marion, finding the men now distracted, took her leave. Her steps were light, her feet almost healed, and she marveled at how her body had taken to life among the Indians. Still, she was not sure she would want to stay forever. Her tentative look back at the braves and traders let her see a fierce argument. She was sure it was about her, for Two Fists had pointed her way.
      “Why, Lord, why?” She groaned, and wished herself to disappear. Nonetheless, she set herself along her way. As her destination came closer, and she passed other lodgings, she saw a man standing in front of the tepee, weaving back and forth.
      “Of course he is outside,” Marion muttered. Man Who Doesn't Listen gave her somewhat of a grin, but it looked like a smile of a lunatic, to her.
      He teetered, and she caught an arm.
      “You are not supposed to be up,” she stated firmly, already trying to guide him back to the warmth and comfort of the tepee.
     “No,” he said. He put his hand up. “Good out here.”
      She sniffed, and decided he better sit down, before there were any more bloody messes to take care of. She brought the stool over to him, which was more of a stump, and said, “Sit.”
     He grinned that mad smile again, and conceded.
     His mother came around from the other side of the tepee, where more of his family lived in nearby lodgings. Her eyes lit up when she saw her son. She babbled to him, and Marion only caught a few words.
      “” His mother looked curiously at him, and then at Marion. Marion focused her eyes quickly down. She did not want to seem as if she were eavesdropping. She set herself in grinding the corn on her lap, ignoring the mother and son for a few moments.
      “Wihopa,” said Man Who Doesn't Listen.
      Marion refused to look up. The sense that they had discussed her and perhaps a marriage to him was unsettling. She could not talk- her heart was in her throat.
       “Wihopa,” he said again, stronger. She still didn't look.
      His mother laid a hand on her shoulder in her kind way. She uttered a few words and left. Marion finally turned her gaze upwards. Man Who Doesn't Listen was staring at her, eyes concerned.
      “We must...” he began.
      “Marry.” Marion whispered. Her hopes crashed.