Monday, December 3, 2012

Advent beginnings

I bought an old-fashioned burlap sack from an antique store for one dollar last week. In it, I placed envelopes for every day of Advent. Somedays there isn't too much to do.  These first few days have been easy peasey because of the weekend and then trying to start our homeschool week up.

Day 1:  We read the story of Jesus' birth by campfire.

Day 2: An array of paper white snowflakes were created.

and today, Day 3, we plan on singing Jingle Bells to a grandparent.  But, it sure is hard to get them on the phone! HA! 

a few surprises are in store, however....such as a Dunkin Donut trip.  A visiting Great Gram trip.  Perhaps an early gift for the three to share! New books!  Christmas Crafts! Baking Cookies! Choosing a gift from the World Vision or Samaritan's Purse catalog.....

My prayer is that this Christmas, my children can enjoy making a few new traditions, enjoy ones we have, and learn to be thankful for what we have and bless others in different ways. 

And, it would seem that this would be easy for a mom to do. 
It is not.

Especially after the doozy of a week a mom had last week with attitudes.  

It is by God's grace I'm able to present Advent activities to my children. I will do so in hope that it changes their hearts and they whatever way God desires.  :)

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