Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas time around here....

It is..........

watching The Nutcracker ballet

reading new Christmas books, such as Snowmen at Christmas

using our new shiny, but Vintage, nutcracker and cracking nuts. Yum!

playing piano and singing in the church Christmas Grinch program

knowing my children were in the audience at program

sending Christmas cards

making gifts

reading The Best Christmas Pageant Ever to my children, a school book, but they think it's quite funny

tasting cookies other people made.  this is one of my FAVORITE parts of Christmas because I just don't bake.  I buy. LOL.

writing an original song, An Old Fashioned Christmas, to sing and play at church on Sunday.  thank you, Lord, for giving me music and words and willing people to accompany me! 

curling up with a preschooler and reading to him, his eyes so alert and aglow, ready to be immersed into a new story

enjoying extra lattes, hot cocoas, and teas.  

setting up Advent activities for the children, of all kinds.  

 tasting the first snow

knowing God has blessed us so much this year, and we praise Him for all He is and always will be.


Sam said...

Many happy wishes to you this Christmas season. You have such a beautiful family and I wish you all the best of Christ's love this happy time of year.

Anonymous said...

Ok....wish I had been there! What a treasure you build for your family!

Anonymous said...