Monday, January 14, 2013

Impromptu photos on a springlike January day!

after an afternoon of getting things done here and there, and taking care
of a sick boy...
I decided to take Ella out back, while the weather was warm.
I had a....
Vision, Opportunity,and Heart's Desire 
for these photos, almost exactly!

All I did was simply grab the feathers decorating the front of her door, a decorative fan
from the Great Trail Festival, and an elegant cream dress, with an added sleevless
vest for extra style along with her horse puddle boots.

She has been my model for so long, I didn't care if she pouted. Or looked serious. 

And she played it up a bit. And then the cat came along.  


I thank the Lord for these special moments, when the timing is right, and when
I have energy.

I hope you enjoy these magical photos!

gorgeous smile

one of my favs

this tells a story. what do you think it is?

I adore the tiny bit of color that accents this photo!

Here's an extra photo prop, the neighbor's cat, and a nonchalant hand reaching over to pet him.

perhaps THE favorite of the entire shoot

She's growing up too, too fast.

A certain brilliance in this photo...a girl's delight at a precocious cat.


Anonymous said...

Oh fantastic are these photos. You are so creative and Ella is a lovey model. LTTS

Laura Frantz said...


Sweet P, you are such a gifted photographer - and Ella is such a beautiful model. Somehow you manage to capture the mood of the moment and make it magical. Like something out of a novel. Truly.

Thank you for sharing your gifts with us. I. Feel. So. Blessed:)

Sam said...

Way too fast. Seriously. Is there a way to slow that kind of thing down?