Sunday, May 19, 2013

These spring days..

Turning into summer

Mostly mind-challenging, trying to complete

What I must complete

Do what I must do

It's tiring, painful, but blessed, I know, by God....

He makes these flowers, which my littlest

So enjoys

To pick for me from our own yard

And extend with his hand....

Gifts. In pink. Yellow. White.

Their green stems sometimes long enough.

Other times, just enough to set within a little saucer.

I love his utter joy in giving me such growing, living things.

Many times, my own growing is stunted. Refusing to turn colors. Where are MY stems?

I should trust. Be diligent. Not forget. Worry less. Give grace to myself more.

I'll start by learning a lesson from my own child. And enjoy what is in my front yard, the backyard.

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