Tuesday, June 18, 2013

the passion returned for this little girl....

who once dreamt of horses

she's willing to brush a coat
step up to say "I love you, Zach"

the willingness returned for this little girl....

who once giggled with happiness

when the time to ride arrived
so what happened?

perhaps the time apart was fruitful
in its own right

we will not understand
but I'm thankful to God that HE

can fashion in her heart this love again...

and she will ride!

*the photo was taken at a fair about 5 years ago. always, one of my favorites


Gwendolyn Gage said...

A beautiful picture and poem! I love it!

Sweet Peripety said...

Aww thanks, Gwen! This photo holds a special place in my heart!

Sam said...

I'll second both of Gwendolyn's comments.